ZURI X I4G TRAINING: My early-stage one week experience

ZURI X I4G TRAINING: My early-stage one week experience

It’s been a week now since the Zuri training program powered by Ingressive for Good (I4G) officially kicked off. and Omo!! This has certainly been one hell of a week !

From the struggles of joining the Slack workspace channel from day 1, it has been an exciting and explosive week with over 18,000+ interns joining on the workspace and over 12 channels with messages popping in at every time of day .

I definitely considered leaving the workspace due to the rate at which I was getting message notifications at every second, minute, and hour

The number of interns keeps increasing as days go by and I’m still in wonder if I will have the chance of coming out the top (being honest). so in this article i would give a review of how it's all been going down since the Past week .

Highlight Of The Week 👇

Day 1 - 3 :

The first 3 days of the week , we had a 3-day orientation live stream on the Zuri YouTube channel which was indeed a good helpful resource as we were introduced to our mentors and the various Tech Stacks the training has to offer . The third day, which happened to be the last day of the orientation was filled with lots of learning and exciting activities. From the video tutorials to the registration on the LMS, the Zuriboard; and of course games!! 🤑.

Day 4 - 5 :

The next few days was still packed full of activities , a lot of conversations were made on the slack channel , rules where laid out . and the most surprising event, a game was actually played by 2am!! .

Like Who stays awake by 2am! , answering tech questions ? 🤔

Day 6 - 7:

On the 6th day, the first task landed on the Zuriboard for those who had completed their registration on the LMS. Well, It was an easy move for me to complete my registration and head off to the task for the week. However, to some, it was challenging to sign up on the LMS ( a lot of complaints on the slack channel ). Great to have mentors who are always there to lend help ad support.

Final Words

In summary, I had a great week , I started blogging and writing articles , meet and connected with some amazing developers on the workspace , meet a few mentors and learnt a few concepts that was a little bit difficult to grasp

Lastly, in no particular order Thanks to Semi Onifade, Chukwudi, King Abesh ,Tomika Ajayi, Motun and all the mentors at the Zuri Training without them putting all the work and energy into this , I won’t be sharing this short experience so far.

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